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“Our biggest honor is helping our customers find their success - together”

In 2001, I was just finishing up 11 years of full-time ministry when I realized that churches needed ways to improve and deliver impactful worship services to their congregations. At the time, there were very few companies operating in this space, so I started Covenant in my garage with one goal in mind - to help churches with the quality of their services through sound, lighting and video design. I started with one customer that year and have been growing our business ever since! Covenant is now called for our expertise with sports stadiums and arenas, school auditoriums, houses of worship and entertainment venues. 

Covenant has been an early adopter of LED wall installation and has become an industry leader in developing unique and creative installation techniques.  


At Covenant, we believe that excellence is only possible through hand-in-hand partnerships with our clients. These life long relationships have not only helped us grow into a successful company, but they have also made our jobs worth while.Over the years, we have built a foundation of trust and commitment through our relationships with construction managers, worship leaders, schools, choir directors, and so many others, many of whom have been with us since day one. 


Proving that relationships matter, our team has worked on several nationally acclaimed projects over the years such as Katy Legacy Stadium, Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Gateway Church, Prairie View A&M Stadium, Lakewood Church, AD Players theater, and most recently, Houston’s new professional rugby stadium for the Saber Cats. While these projects are huge accomplishments, we take the most pride in helping people accomplish their goals –a pastor or worship team wanting to elevate the corporate worship experience, or a theater or choir team needing to find their “voice” in a performance. In other words, our biggest honor is helping our customers find their success–together.





- Shawn Mullins, Founder and CEO



Covenant has a diverse and experienced staff, including nationally recognized design specialists, technicians, and project management professionals. 

Shawn Mullins, CEO and Founder


Shawn Mullins for web.jpg

This minister turned businessman has more than three decades of working with and leading teams around professional audio and video equipment in and around Houston and the surrounding counties. Shawn is still ordained and occasionally officiates weddings from time to time. Shawn is an entrepreneur and business leader who focuses on relationships. He started Covenant in 2001 with a focus toward helping ministries reach their full potential when using AV technology. His vision on relationships is strongly reflected in every facet of the day to day operations of Covenant and has led to solid growth rates year after year. Shawn provides a stable, level-headed approach to every situation and looks forward to each new project as an opportunity to raise the understanding of technology in performance. 

Reed Hall, VP for Sales


Reed Hall for Web.jpg

Reed comes to Covenant with over 30 years’ experience in the touring and sound system integration industry. Prior to his new role as VP of Sales for Covenant, Reed served as Senior Technical Director for Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen Ministries for 19 years, overseeing Audio, Technical Production, Touring and the Music Department. Reed also has extensive experience anticipating acoustic space response and system design for large venues and stadiums, churches and touring groups throughout the US, Europe and Africa.

Brad Duryea, Senior Design Engineer


Brad Duryea for web.jpg

Brad Duryea has two decades of experience in the electroacoustics industry as an audio engineer, instructor, and consultant. His passion is helping organizations achieve technical excellence through the design and programming of high-end audiovisual systems. Through the years, he has refined a design approach that carefully blends science, art, and practicality, and he has applied that methodology across nearly every type and size of venue. One of Brad’s clients is Lakewood Church, home of Joel Osteen, where he has designed and programmed the broadcast and live production audio infrastructure, managed the loudspeaker system renovation project, and trained the staff on the operation of all the related systems for their 16,000-seat arena. He also mixes Joel Osteen’s weekly television program, which airs worldwide and has ten million domestic viewers. Brad holds the coveted CTS-D certification, an indication of his dedication to excellence and progress in the audiovisual field. He strives to constantly learn and hone his skills so that he can deliver the best possible results.

Kundayi MusinamiHouse of Worship Business Development Representative


DSC00991-Kundayi SM B&W.jpg

Kundayi is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, earning a dual degree in both Production and Engineering, and Business Management. In 2010, he was recognized as one of the top five students to watch in the Boston Globe. He has 20 years of audio engineering experience under his belt as A1 engineer for Houses of Worship. Kundayi now serves as Covenant’s House of Worship Business Development Representative, leading various projects and teaming with churches across the Houston area to bring his professional AVL experience to the local house of worship.  

Jack Alston, Fields Operations Manager



Jack has almost three decades of experience in the AV industry as a Professional Audio Video Integrator. He owned and managed an Austin-based Pro AV company for 13 years. He has installed, or managed the installation of, projects up to $4 million throughout various parts of the country serving as the general manager, project manager, or lead technician. He is certified with Biamp, Symetrix, and BSS. As the Field Operations Manager for Covenant Communications, Jack trains, schedules, and monitors our technicians to ensure all remain efficient and effective, allowing Covenant to continue to strive for technical excellence.  

Carol Weisenfelder, Controller


Carol Weisenfelder for web.jpg

Carol has over 30 years’ experience in a variety of technology and system design arenas. She earned a BBA in Systems Analysis and Design from Texas Wesleyan University, and has designed, developed and documented a variety of PC and mainframe software applications for large and small businesses across many different venues. She worked several years with an international project management consulting firm, developing software and offering support and training to clients across the US and internationally. She worked in ministry for almost ten years, using administrative and management skills as well as developing classes and training adults in ministry. Carol joined Covenant Communications at its start to manage the finances and develop business processes, which she continues along with project management and legal documentation.  

Katie Cross, Director of Educational Development 


Katie Cross for web.jpg

Katie has spent over 25 years in the theatrical industry as a performer, designer, and director and then 10 years as a theatre educator. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from Texas State University and Master of Arts in Theatre Directing from the Chicago College of Performing Arts. She spends her free time as a director, performer, and designer in the Houston theatrical community.


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